After intermission, FringeNYC returns in 2018

fringe 2018

After a 1-year hiatus, the New York International Fringe Festival plans to resume in New York City in 2018, turning 2017 into a brief pause as it reorganizes and recharges.

Producing Artistic Director Elana K. Holly said the festival spent the past year “evaluating the needs of New York’s indie theater community” and then announced plans for three years.
FringeNYC  as of 2018 will take place in  October, include a smaller core, panels and workshops and expand beyond Manhattan.

FringeNYC said as of 2018, there will be a smaller “adjudicated festival” for “emerging creators, underrepresented communities and those who do not have ample opportunity elsewhere.”

“This will be where international shows, too, can be a part of FringeNYC,” according to the group, which said it also will help shows from abroad secure visas.

National artists less familiar with producing in New York and New York City venues also “will find a home at this new smaller adjudicated FringeNYC,” according to the festival.
The Fringe also will include panels and workshops “addressing current issues and the gathering of all indie performance stakeholders and constituents.”

And it will add what it’s calling a “Bring Your Own Venue” model as it forms an outer borough steering group to devise a plan so venues outside of Manhattan can apply to make their programming an official part of the festival.
FringeNYC  as of 2018 also said it will become the official “National” Fringe Festival, inviting 2018 award winning show from the nearly 30 affiliated U.S. fringe festivals.

Those events are in cities including Chicago, San Francisco, Tuscon, Boulder, Orlando, Hollywood, Atlanta, and Washington DC to participate.
Theater producers and producing organizations locally and regionally  in 2020 will be invited to present an award to the piece they’d like to further develop and present in a future season, which FringeNYC will help promote. 
FringeNYC is a production of The Present Company, under the leadership of Producing Artistic Director Elena K. Holy.