American Theatre Wing Offers $10 Show Tickets

American Theatre Wing, the founders of the Tony awards.

The American Theatre Wing and have teamed to provide theater tickets to theater students and emerging artists for ten dollars.

The groups said the program known as “Swing Seats” aims to increase the number of tickets for theater students, interns and artists by matching them with New York City theatergoers who have spare  tickets.

It’s possible to sell tickets on the secondary market online. And people frequently scramble, seeking to find a friend or fellow theater-goer at the last minute to attend a show with a spare ticket.

But the groups are hoping that people will donate some tickets, providing a third option and letting otherwise wasted tickets go to good use.

They are asking anyone with an extra theater ticket to fill out a form at with the name of the show, performance date and the number of spare tickets. The donor’s personal information will not be disclosed.

The site will email theater students, interns and artists “identified and screened” by the American Theatre Wing, the founders of the Tony awards.

The site then will distributes tickets on a first come, first served basis for a $10 fee. The recipient’s personal information also will not be disclosed., which scores shows based on critics’ and its members’ rankings, will arrange the exchange in person or by email, according to the groups.

American Theatre Wing CEO Heather Hitchens said the program is designed to help “nurture the next generation of theater makers” and make shows available to people who otherwise might not be able to see them.

It’s also meant to take tickets that might go unused and find an efficient way of finding people who would like to see shows.

“Our more than 135,000 members have told us that they would love to give their extra seats to a deserving audience member,” Show-Score CEO Tom Melcher said.

Audience members looking to give away their tickets can visit Students and “early-career theater makers” who want to participate can contact the American Theatre Wing at

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