Show Business - Features of the Week<![CDATA[How to Succeed in <BR>Musical Theater ]]>Navigating the world of musical theater auditions can be an exasperating and time-consuming task even for veterans. When you’re just starting to make the rounds, it’s easy to drown in the deluge of things to consider (i.e. what to wear, what to prepare, what to say). ]]><![CDATA[Hit the Road]]>Join a touring company and give your career a jolt The air is electric as the tour bus rumbles into town. The crowd goes wild, chanting, “We love you, we love you”…cast of Rent? Okay,]]><![CDATA[Top 10 Things To Jumpstart Your Career]]>Need a Boost this Summer? Show Business offers tips on how actors can increase their potential and get back to work. ]]><![CDATA[Understudies]]>Talk about a thankless job. While understudying may not be your ultimate goal, it’s not a bad stop on your way to the top. ]]><![CDATA[Affordable Housing for Performers]]>How to find a New York apartment without paying New York prices. Getting a great deal on a Manhattan apartment is almost as good as winning the lottery. ]]><![CDATA[Auditioning Mistakes to Avoid]]>Learn the common pitfalls that could stand between you and your next acting gig Auditioning for a role is one of the most important aspects of an actor’s life.]]><![CDATA[Little-Known Plays]]>Having an extensive knowledge of lesser-known plays, specifically the ones being written today by young and international writers, will broaden your scope of what it means to be an actor. ]]><![CDATA[The Writer’s Way]]>Playwrights have an opportunity to create something concrete and achieve immortality. Here are some basic resources that every struggling scribe can use to help bring his or her work to life. ]]><![CDATA[Actors Are Tools]]>In the highly collaborative worlds of theater and film, the actor’s role is just one of countless ingredients that make up the finished product.]]><![CDATA[Emergency Cash]]>Being an actor in New York City isn’t cheap. It’s often a struggle trying to pay for new headshots, new clothes, a weekly grocery bill — not to mention those obscene New York rents — all while trying to stay faithful to your artistic needs. ]]><![CDATA[Commercial Acting]]>You’re an actor waiting for the break that will jump-start your career. Try commercial acting and you may find that 15 seconds in a commercial spot is the little investment with the large return you’ve been waiting for.]]><![CDATA[Improve with Improv]]>Improvisation requires all the skills of acting with the notable exception of remembering what comes next.]]><![CDATA[Promote Your Indie Film]]>From the ubiquitous presence of online video to experimental distribution models, like simultaneous theatrical-DVD releases, the way we make and watch movies is shifting at an unprecedented rate.]]><![CDATA[Showcase Yourself]]>A showcase is a format that is specifically designed to do nothing other than please the agent and other industry professionals. ]]><![CDATA[Membership Benefits]]>Finding a steady outlet for your acting skills is no easy task. A typical actor’s routine consists of scouring casting notices and going on endless auditions, hoping for that paying job. ]]><![CDATA[The Dance Issue]]>Dance is one of the most difficult disciplines for a performer to master. But for those who strive for versatility and success, learning the right steps is an essential component in becoming a triple threat.]]><![CDATA[Screen Masters]]>These are performances you can watch any time you want to remember the reason that you are going to all those auditions.]]><![CDATA[Directing Theater]]>What it is like to be the one calling the shots? While skilled directors may make it look easy, the reality is that directing is probably the single most difficult job in theater.]]><![CDATA[Representation]]>Take charge of your career by first knowing what you want. One-size-fits-all representation doesn’t exist. You may think that signing with a large, bicoastal agent such as William Morris will put you on the road to superstardom. ]]><![CDATA[Theater for Young Audiences]]>Whether you’re on the stage or behind the scenes, working in children’s theater isn’t just for kids. The audience may consist of young people, but the creative teams that put the shows together are made up of hard-working, talented adults.]]>